Etna (Italy) - Report for 8 August-14 August 2018 - NEW

INGV reported that during 6-12 August activity at Etna was similar to the previous week, characterized by gas emissions at the summit craters, Strombolian activity, and ash emissions.
Strombolian explosions continued from vents in Bocca Nuova, and were particularly visible at night.
Activity at Northeast Crater (NEC) consisted of frequent ash emissions and Strombolian explosions.
Explosions at the E crater on the E flank of the New Southeast Crater (NSEC) generated gray-brown ash plumes that sometimes rose several hundred meters above Etna?s summit and quickly dissipated.

Source: Sezione di Catania - Osservatorio Etneo (INGV)

Fonte/Source: Global Volcanism Program/Smithsonian Institution

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