Sangay (Ecuador) - Report for 3 July-9 July 2019

IG reported that a new eruption at Sangay began on 7 May and was continuing as of 3 July.
Activity was concentrated at two eruptive centers: the Central Crater and the Ñuñurcu dome (located 190 m SSE of Central Crater).
Sporadic explosions at Central Crater produced ash plumes that rose as high as 1.1 km above the crater rim and drifted W and SW.
The Ñuñurcu dome fed at least three lava flows that traveled down the SE flank.
Collapses of the lava-flow fronts generated small pyroclastic flows and numerous block flows that traveled as far as 3,888 m elevation.
Staff of the Parque Nacional Sangay observed atypical sedimentation consisting of volcanic material at the confluence of the Upano River and its tributary, the Volcán River, 23 km SE of the summit.
Areas of steaming in the Volcán River were possibly from hot blocks originating from the volcano.
Residents of Macas (42 km SSE) reported increased turbidity in the Upano from pyroclastic material.

Source: Instituto Geofísico-Escuela Politécnica Nacional (IG)

Fonte/Source: Global Volcanism Program/Smithsonian Institution

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