Etna (Italy) - Report for 15 March-21 March 2017 - NEW

INGV reported that during the morning of 15 March lava began to flow down the S flank of Etna's Southeast Crater (SEC) - New Southeast Crater (NSEC) cone complex.
Activity rapidly intensified at 0800, and by 1000 near-constant Strombolian explosions were generating ash plumes.
The lava flow reached the base of the cone and traveled S.
By late afternoon the lava was advancing on top of lava flows from the previous eruption.
The intensity of the Strombolian activity reached a peak around 1840-1845, and by the evening both the eruptive activity and seismicity gradually diminished.
Just before midnight a new lava flow began to effuse from a vent on the S flank of the cone.
On 16 March at 1243 a phreato-magmatic explosion occurred at the front of a lava flow where it contacted an area covered with snow.
An INGV-Osservatorio Etneo volcanologist was injured in the explosion, suffering minor bruises.
A news article noted that about 10 people were injured during the event.

Source: Sezione di Catania - Osservatorio Etneo (INGV)

Fonte/Source: Global Volcanism Program/Smithsonian Institution

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